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I should read poetry every day

it should inspire me to write

about little things I notice

or else unnoticed they would remain



and upon assigning words

they would become big and seen

like the little bird sitting on the railing

along a sidewalk, a railing of pipes



too big for his tiny feet to grasp

and mostly his body rested there

and as I approached, he did not fly

His black back so black it was steel blue



like a handgun or Superman’s hair

when he was in comic books

he flitted his wings as if jittering at my presence

but never set himself to flight



only the next day, there he sat again

and I wondered if perhaps he was hurt

and unable to escape, in case I was his predator

and if so, at whose mercy was he?


not to write

what if i wanted to write something

a poem that rhymes or doesn’t

about someone or no one

with or without God

what if i wanted to talk about love

what it is or isn’t

who I’ve loved or haven’t

if anyone

what if it were a poem that nobody

ever read anyway

then I could say

whatever I thought

what if I’d rather be quiet

and hear the symphony

of noises that make up silence

including my breathing

Ordinary grace days

I’ve decided to blog. Now to a subject. I guess most blogs would be about the blogger. And the blogger would need to be living in a story. Most of my life has been a non-story I think.
But since mid-2009, the story has changed. Or should I say, it has begun. Like a movie, I guess a blog should pick up wherever the character’s story finds him. For me, that would be in the arms of grace.
The thing about the arms of grace is that grace affects every event of life somehow. Any day, every day, can be grace-filled, at least grace-influenced. All of which means that I could write about ordinary days. But not every day, because I won’t blog everyday.
Recently the idea of one way love has been on my mind and I’m sure it has a lot to do with the fact that I just finished reading a book by that title by Tullian Tchividjian.
I’ve always believed, but more so in recent years, that there is nothing I can do to make God love me more, and there’s nothing I can do to make Him stop loving me. But what about God’s side of it? He expects nothing. That’s hard to understand.
We humans are made to merit what we get, even love. You can’t get something for nothing. But God does exactly that. He gets us to give ourselves, who are nothing, to Him, and He wants to make a something out of us. And He can. This is what He is up to in the ordinary days.