scurrying squirrels

I saw a squirrel

scurrying as squirrels do;

This time across a street, just in front of a Chevy.


I wondered if squirrels

ever did much scurrying

before Chevy’s became their natural predator?


Only predators, by definition, eat what they kill,

immediately after killing it, or, in some cases

while it is still alive.


But then what do Chevy’s kill,

but by brute force?

And should they, if not to eat?


I saw a squirrel

climbing where perhaps a forest used to be,

where now is a towering and randomly-shaped concrete wilderness.


Unclimbable, this, without the fences,

over which he and his mate scaled,

having determined to rummage through a cleverly-painted dumpster.


Thinking of foraging on our discarded and forgotten morsels,

not for oaken acorns, the ancient, twisting figures long since hewed

into showy dining tables on hardwood shiny floors,


Oaken altars where we feast on what we do not kill,

and sometimes we kill, by other predaceous words,

what we do not eat.


I saw a squirrel

and I thought of how nimbly and quickly

they indeed avoid by their sedulous scurrying.



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