Hey, who’s the old guy

I saw an old man walking across the street.  To me he is just an old man, and to the drivers waiting for him to cross.

To someone else perhaps he is Bill or George, or husband, or daddy.  Probably grandfather.

 Someday I will be just an old man to some impatient young person whose path I’ve impeded. I almost made it thus for myself, just being another old man.

In fact, presently I am to no one a someone special. My actions isolated me, but the intent was to be more needed by someone than I’d ever been.

God’s irony is still sweet.

He has helped me get isolated from what I sought to possess.

He has freed me from clinging to what I could not keep by clinging.

Now I can be just an old man and it doesn’t matter at all.  And now I can become daddy to my children and give to them without needing anything from them. I can become granddaddy to their children and they can love me while I teach them how to be free.

The way to love is to be free to love.

And I can be loved by God and I can love Him without being compelled.

I can be “child of God,” even if I’m just an old man.


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