finding friends

Under a rock? Not elusive, but hidden. I’m speaking of myself as the potential companion here, at a local Panera. So off on a fact-finding mission.

And the mission began in the autumn of life, right after the unexpected but welcomed brick wall. Never mind which brick wall. It’s just a good way for one to end up under at least one rock.

Let’s face it (I had to), if I had to count my friends on one hand, I could cut off two or three fingers and have enough left over. So why so rare?

If I’ve learned anything here in my autumn it’s that friendship is a relationship made of communication, even though it sounds clinically cool, like a nurse intern’s brand new stethoscope. As soon as I realized that, it was easy cutting off those extra fingers and valuing the ones left over.

Three people come to mind- Kenneth, Tony and Tim. It would be helpful to have transcripts of those rare moments of dialogue with them and see through now’s eyes the thing engendered.

But even without them, it’s the forever impression that the dialogue then made that has begun to scatter this season of my life with such beauty. That is, after the stars cleared from that now welcomed brick wall.

The term “dialogue” doesn’t exactly evoke the same sentiment as do autumn leaves, at least not for me. Not until I have found myself engaged in it again, like a mid-October stroll down Benefit Street in Providence, warmed by a lowering New England sun. It doesn’t matter what it’s called.

Just as clearly as the vibrant and varied colors of my favorite season warm my soul, so has the heart been awakened by mere words exchanged in hues of true friendship. Out from under the rock. At last.

I think I might make a pretty good friend.


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